Chris Brogan’s Google+ Book and Free 3 Part Video Series

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Chris Brogan’s Google+ Book and Free 3 Part Video Series

Chris Brogan is currently (only until Dec 31st at 10PM ET!) offering an interesting deal… buy his brand new Google+ For Business book ($9.99 for Kindle or $15.50 for Paperback) and he will give you access to his 3 Part Video Series on How To Write and Publish a Book.

The book is surely worth $15, so this may be a no-brainer purchase for those who have read Chris’s previous book Trust Agents  (which I really liked ), heard him speak or follow his Blog. He is an authority on social media, and if you may ever want to write a book I am sure the video series will be quite helpful.

I just purchased the Google+ For Business Kindle book and emailed Chris my receipt… seems like a smoking deal for only $9.99.

Simply buy the Google+ book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or 800 SEO Read, then send your receipt to (note: not COM, it’s CO), before 10PM ET on Saturday (Dec 31, 2011).

Visit Chris’s blog for more information.

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The Flinch by Julien Smith

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The Flinch by Julien Smith

Thought I would share this, an author and thought leader,  Julien Smith (co-author of bestseller ‘Trust Agents’) currently has his new book called “The Flinch” free on Kindle. It is being promoted through Seth Godin’s Domino Project.

If you don’t have a Kindle no worries, you can get a free app for any smartphone or tablet… just go to your the app store/market. Tweet me if you need help doing this @sbkelsick.

The Flinch is self described as “a taut and uncompromising manifesto that aims to help readers conquer the root of what holds them back – the belief that pain and failure should be avoided rather than embraced.

I just started reading The Flinch, here’s a clip from the intro that caught me and made me want to share it:

In a fight, there is a fundamental difference between boxers and everyone else. The guys who have trained are different. If you hit them, they don’t flinch. It takes practice to get there, but if you want to fight, you have no choice. It’s the only way to win“.

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Get ‘The Fifth Estate’ Marketing Book Free via 15 Minute Podcasts

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This morning I was listening to my favorite Marketing Podcast, Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel and had my interest peaked by Geoff Livingston,  and his new (released in May 2011) book “The Fifth Estate – How to Create and Sustain a Winning Social Media Strategy”.

What I am particularly interested in is Geoff’s knowledge and passion for cause marketing. He focuses on cause marketing and was speaking about online fundraising and other nonprofit and social enterprise related topics.

Geoff is doing something that I am totally going to take advantage of, he is offering his new book, for free, via 15 minute podcasts on his Tumblr blog. He has already posted 14 podcasts.

Hope you enjoy!



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The Hyper-Social Organization Comes to Calgary Third Tuesday Meetup

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The Hyper-Social Organization, co-authored by Francois Gossieaux of Beeline Labs and Ed Moran (Deloitte) made a special appearance at Calgary’s Third Tuesday Meetup in Feb 2011.

The thought-provoking Francois Gossieaux encouraged us to stop marketing directly to consumers, but instead to the communities that they belong to, the communities where their brand preferences are heard.

Francois and Ed suggest the following 5 step to help us become “Hyper-Social”:

  1. Forget technology-understand the four drivers of successful communities.
  2. Forget market segments and consumers-think tribes and humans.
  3. Forget company-centricity- think human-centricity.
  4. Forget channels-think networks.
  5. Forget process and hierarchies- think social messiness.

The book looks jam packed full of examples and statistics. Enjoy.

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Calgary Social Media Event: Book Launch

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Vancouver’s Shane Gibson, author of three sales and marketing related books will be in Calgary on Nov 22, 2010 promoting his recent publication he co-authored, “Guerilla Social Media Marketing”.

I have not read this book yet. A social media peer flipped through the book at the book store and thought it would be a good read for people new to the world of social media. This was echoed by Knowlton Thomas of Techvibes in his book review of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, “Admittedly, the book doesn’t boast any truly revolutionary secrets or concepts—a social media veteran won’t find much fresh value in the $21.95 price tag. But for a beginning individual or startup interested in maximizing today’s social media landscape for marketing purposes, GSMM does offer a solid framework for understanding the various social channels and maximizing your potential ROI within them.

Event Details: November 22, 2010 at 4:00pm, West Restaurant and Bar (225 7 Ave SW, Calgary) **note new start time of 4:00pm

Buy the book on Amazon: Guerrilla Social Media Marketing by Shane Gibson

Calgary Event - Social Media Book Launch

See who’s going and RSVP on Facebook:

RSVP on EventBrite:

Connect with Shane on LinkedIn:

Twitter: @shanegibson

Suggested Twitter event hashtag: #shanegibsonyyc

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Mitch Joel and the Media Hacks Must-Listen-To-Podcast

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Mitch is a published author (Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone) and runs Twist Image, a Marketing firm out of Montreal. Mitch produces some of the best marketing and tech content out there, his blog:

My favourite content that Mitch produces is a podcast called Media Hacks (free to download from iTunes or listen to from his site – make sure you look for the Media Hacks casts…).

He now has three different podcasts, but Media Hacks is my must-listen-to-cast.

Media Hacks has five core individuals (Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, C.C. Chapman, Hugh McGuire and Julien Smith) that join a conference call, and they essentially have a “fire-side” chat about what is happening in marketing and tech. Watch out though, this is not necessarily a cast rated for the whole family, depending on who’s on the call there can be a stream of (often hilarious rants by @julien) curse words.

Mitch will be in Calgary on June 14, 2010 at the Art Of Marketing “Innovation and Marketing Conference” at the Epcor Center.

Hope you enjoy it all,

Shannon Bowen-Kelsick (sbk)
Twitter: @sbkelsick
contact me:

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