Why an iPad? Liza Worthington’s Story

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Another post in the “What Would I Use an iPad For?” for series! Interesting posts on how different people are using the iPad.

Liza and I volunteer on a local non-profit board together. Liza Worthington is a Certified Management Accountant and she is the Vice President of Accreditation at CMA Alberta. She has facilitating and teaching experience and she is a vert active volunteer in the community. She also claims to haev too many Apple products!

Here is Liza’s iPad story:

1.       What do you use your iPad for?

I use my iPad for work (presentations, to view meeting documents rather than printing them out, email) and personal use (listen to music, watch tv shows & movies, surf the Internet)

2.       How often do you use it?

At least once a day

3.       What kind of iPad did you purchase?

Wi-Fi + 3G 64 GB

4.       What accessories do you have?

Apple iPad case, VGA adapter (connects iPad to tv, projector or display), wireless keyboard.

5.       Would you recommend an iPad? If so what type of a person would you recommend buy one?

Yes, I would recommend an iPad to those that want a light portable device to access the Internet and I would recommend it to those who are always on the “go”. I took my iPad on vacation and it was a great tool to use to research attractions and to use Google maps to find locations such as the nearest Starbucks.

6.       Do you also use a laptop, if so how do you use the laptop vs the iPad?

Yes, I also have a laptop. I use my laptop to create work at home and then use the iPad to present the work away from home. Also, I prefer to use my iPad when working outside of the office. I keep private and confidential files on my laptop but not on my iPad.

7.       What do you dislike about the iPad?

There needs to be a better app to manage and update files between my laptop and my iPad. It would be nice if the iPad had a camera with picture taking and video taking capabilities. I would like to see an app for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

8.       How do you see your use of the iPad evolving in the future?

 I would like to purchase more books through iBooks or Amazon and to have a noteworthy library in my iPad but right now I still prefer to buy books from Chapters-Indigo.

9.       What are some apps you would recommend?

Favorite apps include Numbers, Pages, Keynotes, PDF ReaderPro, The Elements, Doodle Buddy, Tetris, CBC Hockey, WordFu, ColorSplash, Molecules, Penultimate.

10.   What apps would you not recommend?

My least favorite app is QuickOffice.

When asked if Liza has any other comments, she added: “I love my iPad!”

Liza on LinkedIn:

Liza with Catalyst Solutions Group:

Thank you Liza! Watch for more iPad stories, and please comment on your expriences below.

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Why an iPad? John Biehler’s Story:

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I am intrigued how people from different industries, in different positions are using the Apple iPad. Often I get the comment “what would I use an iPad for”. I decided to start asking how people were enjoying their iPads. Here is one iPad story:

John Biehler  describes himself as an e-business analyst, working for a large corporation. He is a technologist, a consultant, a conference speaker and attendee, a trainer, a photographer and a gamer!

John and I met at the Vancouver #F5Expo last year. My brother who normally resides in Vancouver was in Calgary (my hometown) and noticed that I tweeted from a Tweetup I organized in Vancouver the night before the #F5Expo conference. He then noticed that John had also tweeted from the Tweetup. My brother then did a quick intro via Twitter all the way from Calgary, and next thing you know John and I had met and were chatting in Vancouver.

John’s iPad story:

1. What do you use your iPad for?

A little bit of everything…I take it with me everywhere for taking notes, surfing the web, email, photos, dabbling with one of the many music creation apps and the occasional game.

2. How often do you use it?


3. What kind of iPad did you purchase?

I originally purchased a 32gb Wifi only model when they were first available in the US (I drove down to Seattle launch weekend to get one) but have since upgraded (after selling the original one) to a 64gb 3G model for more flexibility.

4. What accessories do you have?

I have the Apple brand flipcase, the VGA out cable and the camera connection kit.

5. Would you recommend an iPad? If so what type of a person would you recommend buy one?

It’s a pretty personal device, like a laptop. I’d recommend people at least consider the iPad if they are looking at a netbook at a minimum or even for a light duty laptop user. The battery life and portability are huge with the iPad over other devices and the available apps cover most users needs.

6. Do you also use a laptop, if so how do you use the laptop vs the iPad?

I also have a laptop and haven’t quite been able to give it up yet as there are a few things that I still can’t do with the iPad such as access my work VPN, code hacking and more advanced photo editing. Aside from live app demos, I’ve also used it to create and present Keynote presentations at a number of conferences. It was great to be able to leave the laptop at home and be confident that the presentation was completely created and presented on something so small.

7. What do you dislike about the iPad?

I wish it either came in larger capacities or was capable of connecting to an external drive for storage. This was one of the factors that made me upsize to the larger model as I wanted to be able to download photos while traveling onto it for immediate uploading/basic post processing. I’d love to be able to connect a small portable (passport) drive to it to pull photos down off it after editing to free up space.

8. How do you see your use of the iPad evolving in the future?

The apps that are being created for it continue to impress me from a creative perspective…there are frequent apps that I see that blow me away from a “I can’t believe it can do that” angle and it’s only going to get better as the platform matures.

9. What are some apps you would recommend?

Some of my favorite apps are Flipboard (Facebook/Twitter magazine using your content), AirVideo (stream any media from your home computer to the iPad), CameraBag (photo post processing app), GoodReader (ebook/PDF reader with lots of bells & whistles) and Words with Friends HD (a Scrabble clone that is played turn based with others).

10. What apps would you not recommend?

There is a lot of apps to avoid…I can’t think of a specific one but I regularly use; (also an app for the iPad) that gives you more options for viewing the apps on offer from the App Store as well as keep track of apps that drop in price (which is sometimes an indication of it being unpopular or overpriced).

John has written some blog posts around his iPad experiences:;

He can also be found on:

Thanks John! More iPad stories to come. Share yours in the comments below.

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An Interview with Calgary’s Doug Lacombe – President of communicatto

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Doug Lacombe is the President of communicatto located in Calgary, Alberta. His company is a digital marketing, public relations, and investor relations agency that help companies integrate new and old media.
I wanted to interview Doug because he is a very active member in the Calgary Marketing scene. I first saw Doug speak at a Social Media BootCamp that Capulet Communications held in Calgary several months ago. He shared a case study where he injected social media into a non-profit fundraising event – it was a great session.

Doug is an active member in many associations and he is active Twitterer that keeps us in the loop of upcoming events.

He is a true Tribe creator in his Tweeting style – he shares information and ads value without asking for anything in return.

I hope you enjoy learning more about what makes Doug tick:

SBK: Describe what you do.
Doug: Digital media consultant

SBK: IPhone or Blackberry?
Doug: BlackBerry after selling my iPhone (couldn’t get used to the virtual keyboard)

SBK: What associations and groups do you participate in?

(Now that I know how busy Doug really is – I should have asked what him how many hours of sleep he gets in a day!)

SBK: How has your career evolved?
Doug: A long and winding road starting in the newspaper business, progressing through software, wireless telecom, newswire, and now consulting.

SBK: What Social Media tool helped your business the most?
Doug: It’s a tie between Twitter and blogging

SBK: Where do you see for yourself in the future?
Doug: I hope doing what I’m doing only more of it!

 SBK: Where will you be focusong online in 2010?
Doug: Developing strategies for my clients success

SBK: Name your favorite 5 websites or online tools.
Doug: Freshbooks, Tungle, WordPress, Mashable, Google Apps

SBK: What is the coolest technology you enjoy?
Doug: MP3s

 SBK: What do you when you are not on your computer or mobile?
Doug: Read, walk my dog, watch movies

SBK: What does it take to be successful?
Doug: Perseverance, attitude, humility, generosity, and confidence

Doug will be at the upcoming “Third Tuesday” Meetup in Calgary where Julien Smith (co-author of Trust Agents) will be speaking. This event is free and will be fabulous.

For more information on Doug’s company:
Follow Doug on Twitter: @dblacombe

Thanks for your time Doug!

Shannon Bowen-Kelsick (sbk)
Twitter: @sbkelsick
contact me:

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The Cool Boxee Box – Internet on Your TV

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DLink’s latest technology, the “Boxee Box” will allow consumers to stream media from the Internet to their TV. It will also allow for sharing of movies, tv shows and video streams from your computer harddrive.

A brilliant move on Boxee’s part was to make the device incredibly cool looking. The Boxee can sit out in plain eye’s view for all to admire – the Boxee logo even glows. Clever marketing Boxee – they sure aren’t putting Baby in the corner on this one. 

The Boxee - Pretty Cool Looking!

On a live stream from CES ( in Vegas on January 7, 2010 the Boxee team estimated it will be available for purchase in spring of 2010 and will retail for approximately $200.

Leo Laporte of Twit TV believes this is the “best user interface”.

DLink states “In addition to video content, Boxee users can access great music from sites like Pandora,, shoutcast, and We are Hunted as well as fun photos from sites like flickr, Picasa and the Facebook.”

I have been looking for something like this. My butt gets sore sitting at my desk. Spring 2010 – I look forward to putting my couch to good use and enjoying the internet on my TV… so thank you Dlink and the Boxee team.

Shannon Bowen-Kelsick (sbk)
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contact me:

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